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What is academic research writing?

Academic research writing is a structured form of research findings documentation, in academically acceptable styles. It can also be referred to as, the topic-based academic writing solution, looking for fact-based, objective presentation on a specific topic of interest. The purpose of academic research writing is to; examine what is currently known about a given topic "new knowledge" presentation, and the basis of new ideas or new perspectives on the topic.

Academic Research Writing Tips

To write an academic research paper that is worth publishing, there are a number of things that one needs to put in to consideration

  • 1. Choosing a topic that one is comfortable with - For your academic research writing project, choose a topic that you are interested in to avoid boredom and confusion.
  • 2. Organization and time management - planning time should be used for activities allocation.
  • 3. Make sure you set aside time each week, for your academic research writing, or study, and do not let other demands take this time.
  • 4. So, I can easily see that I need to do something, I use the whiteboard 'to do' lists the tasks listed in the monthly and their deadlines. I rub my complete their tasks (usually a great sense of accomplishment!). Very low tech, I know, but as a visual reminder.
  • 5. Planning Block: This morning, today, this week, this month, the next few months, this year, the next three years. Something you want to achieve in these time periods, and try to adhere to, as much as you can have a clear idea.
  • 6. I do not tend to more than a year ahead of time to think, when it comes to academic research writing I want to achieve, but I think it is written at least a one-year research program at the beginning of each year. Some people may also need to prepare three - five-year research program.
  • 7. Think about the best use of your time. A difficult cognitive task that requires intense ideological often require a long period of time, so I plan to do this, this is available to you. Easier or less time-intensive tasks, such as correcting proofs, editing or formatting of journal articles or chapters, or read some of the material submitted and taking notes can be done in smaller periods of time.
  • 8. If you experience a challenge in your academic research writing, leaving for a period of time, or taking another activity can be a good break.
  • 9. If no external cutoff date has been set, set yourself a deadline, and try to meet these, as much as you can, so you can move on to the next piece of writing.

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