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What is a College Application Essay?

A college application essay is a writing test given to students seeking admission to a certain school. This is a student's chance to communicate with the selection panel and inform them "through the application essay", about his or her commitment to the particular program, and how it will benefit him or her. As a result, writing a college application essay demands a lot of care and skills.

College Application Essay Writing Tips

For Quality College Application Essay Writing process, just read valuable tips:

  • 1. When writing a college application essay, introduce yourself and give some background information: This will help the panel to understand you and identify with you through the application essay.
  • 2. Avoid crowding the application essay:- One of the major mistakes made by college applicants when writing their application essays, is to fill them with accomplishments. Such admission, or applications essays are tedious to read and should be avoided.
  • 3. Be direct to the point in your admission essay:- When writing an application essay, do not bore the readers with details, after introducing yourself, go direct to mentioning the purpose of the application essay and the program you are applying for.
  • 4. Have a sense of humor:- Though humor might not be the major aspect of a college application essay, it is important not to bore the reader with plain details. You can be humorous, when stating why you selected the specific school. However, an application essay is an official document and the humor should not be over done.
  • 5. Your contribution:- In the application essay, it is best for a student to indicate their contribution to the learning process. A good application essay can state that the student shall bring in to the classroom real business world experience, which would be beneficial even to others.
  • 6. You Benefit from the program:- When the panel is looking at the application essays, they are trying to identify students, who will benefit from the program. It is therefore necessary that when writing an application essay, the student mentions how they are going to benefit from the program. A good admission essay mentions how the student intends to apply the knowledge gained by the end of the program. Remember that your application essay should be as realistic as possible and the set goals should also be realistic.
  • 7. Avoid repetition and grammar mistakes:- An application essay is like a representative of the student to the panel. Panels reading application essays do not have all the time and the number of submitted essays increase by the hour. Therefore, poorly written application essays are read last. or not read at all. It is therefore the best thing for a student to make sure the use simple language and make the application essay as comprehensible as possible.
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