Introducing an internal control systems for standardizing processes and improving accountability within SpeedPay limited, Zambia

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With the development of technology and continuous advancement of systems, banks and other financial organizations have ventured into electronic payment ventures, which are systems that enable clients to pay for goods and services without the use of cash, but using plastic cards and the money can be drawn from their accounts and credited to the Marchant’s accounts through interbank transactions.

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A classification of the electronic payment systems can be done into four categories: micropayment systems, credit and debit cards, electronic cash, and session-level protocols for secure communications. Despite the ease created by these systems in handling business transactions, there are a few issues that cannot go unnoticed. these issues include security of the client’s money and personal information, standardization of the electronic payment systems to ensure that the client enjoys a similar experience across the board.

With the above-mentioned issues, different countries have started seeking a standardization procedure to regulate the speed-pay business and ensure that the clients are protected. Zambia is one of these nations doing these through the Bank…..

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