ethical dilemma in nursing

Compare and contrast effective/ineffective responses to ethical conflict in nursing(as a nurse or especially a Nurse practitioner)

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Founded by Florence Nightingale, the nursing profession started in England back in the 19th century. Nurses are usually the frontlines when it comes to the medicine field, as they interact with the patients on daily basis. They face different ethical dillemmas when making decisions irrespective of where they work. Ethical problems present situations without direct answers […]

Unit Root Testing Using SPSS

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SPSS is short term for Statistical Package for the Social Sciences. It is both a data and analysis management product, developed by IBM SPSS incorporation based in Chicago, Illinois. It uses two windows within its interface. The first one is the Program Editor while the second one is the Viewer. The Program Editor is the […]

U.S Security Policy in Asia Pacific with Respect to the Rise of China and how it has changed

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United States of America security policies tend to outdo the Chinas’ interest over Asian –pacific. There are main areas that have made China to develop interest on Asian- Pacific region such as the Periphery stability, strategic environment and the political neutrality of Taiwan (Chen ets al. 2010, P. 55) Chinas’ major concern is the stability […]

George Walker Bush

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Born on 6th July 1946, in New Haven Connecticut, George Walker Bush served as the 43rd president of the United States. His lineage has a history of business and political participation, which contributed to his social life, business interests, and political career. At one time, Bush was a businessperson, and later the governor of Texas, […]

“Briefly describe the importance of the interaction between the respiratory and cardiovascular systems in maintaining the body’s internal balance”

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To understand the relationship between the respiratory and cardiovascular systems, it is necessary to comprehend how each of these mechanisms works. Tortora et al, (2007), states that the cardiovascular system comprises of the heart and blood vessels; which include veins, arteries, and the capillaries. This also includes the four heart chambers, responsible for the process […]

ethical dilemma in nursing

Effective Communication in Nursing

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Communication is one of the most important aspects in the nursing world because the work of nurses includes constant and intimate contact between the nurse and the patient, the patient relatives and the other members of the medical staff. The efficiency and effectiveness of a nurse depends on the ability of nurse to communicate well […]

The Pearl Harbor Attack

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Pearl Harbor was a United States naval base during the World War II. It was at this time that the Japanese empire was beginning to spread quickly and threatening the west and the territories they had colonized (Lassieur, 26). The Japanese called this event the Hawaii operation. This was a surprise military attack that took […]

Assassination of Martin Luther king Junior

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Dr. Martin Luther King was a civil rights activist during the civil right movement in the 1960s. In March 1968, he attended an African American sanitation workers strike which had been staged to protest unequal wages and working conditions. At that time, Memphis paid African American workers significantly lower wages than their white counterparts (Ching, […]

The Assassination of JF Kennedy

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JF Kennedy was the 35th president of United States of America and was assassinated on Friday, November 22nd, 1963 at 12.30 p.m. in Dealey Plaza, Texas. It was at the height of the cold war and a year after the Cuban missile crisis and a near break of the nuclear war (Bugliosi, 10). JF Kennedy’s […]

Compare Bodhisattva Seated in Meditation (Korea. Three Kingdoms period, early 7th century CE) to Seated Guanyin Bodhisattva (Liao dynasty, 10th-12th century CE).

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This paper looks to compare and contrast two pieces of historical art pieces. The chosen works of art pieces are the Bodhisattva Seated in Meditation and the Seated Guanyin Bodhisattva originating from the previous centuries. A work of art is an art piece comprising of a physical and tangible item created for a particular purpose. […]

Introducing an internal control systems for standardizing processes and improving accountability within SpeedPay limited, Zambia

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With the development of technology and continuous advancement of systems, banks and other financial organizations have ventured into electronic payment ventures, which are systems that enable clients to pay for goods and services without the use of cash, but using plastic cards and the money can be drawn from their accounts and credited to the […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Culture change

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Culture can be defined as a way of or life and practices of a group of people that been handed down through many generations. Like any other place, organizations also have their own culture, which defines how thing are done in a particular organization. This thing can include handling clients, communication within the organization and […]

Organizational Success, Performance Management, Motivation and Rewards

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Purpose of performance management Performance management helps in ensuring effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency towards the achievement of organizational goals. An organization is able to align its resources, employees, and systems towards the priorities and strategic objectives of an organization. Performance management helps in reconciling individual goals with those of the organization. This increases profitability and […]

The Safety of Deep Sedation without Intubation for Abortion in the Outpatient Setting

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Pregnant women, in the second trimester, are said to have a high risk of perioperative pulmonary aspiration during delivery. This is caused by an elevation of physiological changes in the fetus which is characterized by gastroesophageal reflux disease, increased nausea, and vomiting among others. However, health practitioners advocate endotracheal intubation to expectant mothers receiving anesthesia […]

International Marketing

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Executive summary The paper starts with an introduction to international marketing. This paper analyzes cultural practices of different societies using Hofstede model so as to help appreciate the role of culture in international marketing. It will describe the elements of the model and exploit each one of them with regard to branding and advertising. It […]

Normative Ethics and Intellectual Property: Should Cyber Ethics Education be Based on Utilitarian or Deontological Foundations?

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Despite the internet being highly beneficial in increasing the rate of communication and enabling businesses to grow through online marketing and order processing systems, it can also be harmful if abused.  Using the internet, criminals have been able to hack into confidential government and other individual system and vandalize or steal information. These acts are […]